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Morocco in general, and Taghazout and its surrounding area has a good network of transportation options as transportations is fast becoming modernised. Although you still do see donkeys used as a mode of travel in the mountains and villages, travel by bus, taxi, and car is the norm.

Although the traffic can be chaotic at times and it can be a challenge to drive on dirt roads in the countryside at night, the main roads are paved and well-lit near cities and towns. Road signs are clear and well-posted. There is also a large number of road police to assure road safety and organisation. The days when police would stop tourist for some  ‘black money’ are over. They are generally very helpful to visitors.

Different types of taxis are recognisable by their color:
White taxis: Airport taxis. Expect to pay for a standard one-way trip to or from the airport to Taghazout, about 400 to 450 dirhams (about 35 to 40 euros). We offer a special rate of 300 to 350 dirhams if you pre-order with us. Please see airport taxi transfers for more details. We recommend that you agree on the price with the driver before you set foot in the cab. It will save you hassles later when it’s time to pay.
Blue taxis: Long-distance taxis. These taxis travel a longer distance, between cities or from outlying villages into the city. A standard fee from Taghazout to Agadir using one of these would be around 150 dirhams.
Petit taxis (red/orange): Intra-city taxis. These taxis run within Agadir only. Ask the driver to turn on the meter before starting your journey.

Motorbikes and cars can be hired in Taghazout as well as in Taghazout. You will find a wind range of rates, depending on the type of vehicle and rental company. You will get more value with a pre-arranged reservation. You can also book with us to get one of the best rates around. See car hire for more details.


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