• Where to fly to / How do I get to Taghazout?

    Agadir  Al Massira is the nearest airport.
    De IATA code is AGA en de ICAO code GMAD.
    The airport is only a 45 minutes drive away from Taghazout. Let us know if we can help to arrange an airport taxi transfer for you.

    From Marrakech (RAK) you will need to take a coachbus (www.CTM.ma), rental car or a taxi to get to Taghazout. Check the tab ‘Transport & Travel’ for taxi prices.

    Check out the following airlines for the best airfares:
    EasyJet (London, Berlin, Lyon, Paris)
    Transavia (Amsterdam, Paris)
    Aer Lingus (Dublin)
    Jetairfly (Brussels, Paris)
    Ryanair (London, Milan, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Eindhoven)
    Royal Air Maroc (Where don’t they fly?!)
    Thomson (London, Manchester)
    British Airways (Belfast, London, Dusseldorf, Munich, Madrid)


  • Do I need a visa?

    With an EU passport you are entitled to visit Morocco for up to 90 days without a visa.


  • What currency to use and how can I get it?

    The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (DH or MAD – Moroccan Dirham).
    At the airport you will be able to change your cash at the money exchange desks. Or you can use one of the ATM’s at the airport or in Agadir and Banana Village / Aourir (which is the town next to Taghazout).
    Expect to receive 11 to 12 Dirham for every Euro or around 12 to 14 dirham for a GBP.
    It is hard to get any Dirhams outside of Morocco as this currency is not allowed outside of the country. Traveller Cheques are usually not accepted, so make sure you bring your ATM card with you.
    Taghazout is a cash-only place. Restaurants, shops, etc, do only accept cash payments. Therefore it is advised to enter the town with some cash on hand.


  • Alcohol usage

    One thing to remember is that Taghazout is a dry town, which means that restaurants and cafes will not serve alcohol. It isn’t banned, so there is no problem purchasing it from Agadir and enjoy the drinks at the terraces of your holiday accommodation.


  • How do I dress as a woman in Morocco as a Muslim country?

    Morocco is one of the most tolerant and modern Muslim countries in the world and the locals are very welcoming towards Western tourists. Agadir is a European tourist destination and are very familiar with them. On the beach you are welcome to sunbathe and surf and swim in bikini. In town it is normal to dress in shorts and a top. It is not necessary to cover up from head to toe. Showing knees and elbows is not an issue at all! Of course we believe we all should respect local customs.


  • Can I buy groceries in Taghazout? What about restaurants?

    In Taghazout you will find a variety of small shops where you can buy all your basic groceries, water (please do not drink from the tap, but us bottled water), etc. It also has a good number of local craft shops, butchers, a bakery, souvenir shops and traditional local shops.
    There are loads of restaurants to enjoy a local meal. But most of them also offer European dishes. You will find  pizzerias, French restaurants, sandwiches, coffee bars, etc. The choice is yours! Food is generally cheap and most people tend to eat out for this reason.