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Surf Lessons

Are you looking to start or improve your surfing and get the best out of their holiday?

Surf's upTaghazout Travel offers a selection of great surfing lessons from beginner right through to advanced levels.
All lessons are taught by qualified, certified, and fully experienced instructors. You can have up to two lessons per day and each session is around 2 – 2.5 hours in length. Nothing is too much trouble.
If you are after private tuition, or alternatively you are a small group, then no problem, we can help.
In addition to this, all transport to the points are included in the price.


Beginner options

A full week of surf & fun
A package of 3 days of surf lessons and a full week of board & wetsuit rental will suit most beginner surfers.
You will start off on one of the sandy beaches to practice your position and learn about surf etiquette.
A qualified surf instructor will get you standing on your board in no time.
On day 3 you are catching waves and are surfing, guaranteed!
The rest of the week you’re off to enjoy and practise your new hobby and skill with your rental set.

Total for this 1 week surf experience:   € 145.00 per person.
Lunch is included for the surf lessons.

3 Days of lessons only
Want to combine your trip with a 3 day only surf experience, then this may be for you.
3 Days of surf lessons including board & wetsuit rental and a lunch pack:  € 125.00 per person.


Advanced surf lessons

A full week of surf & fun
A package of 3 days of advanced surf lessons and a full week of hardboard & wetsuit rental.
You will improve your skills, learn about the wide range of surf spots in the area and be introduced to them.
Lessons in a small group will be given by an experienced instructor. Transportation is included for the lessons, as well are lunch packs.
Full equipment rental is included for the full week.

Total for this 1 week surf experience:   € 175.00 per person.


Tailor Made Packages

We also offer tailor made packages to suit your needs. In addition we are happy to offer group rate discounts.