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Hammam & Massage

One way to get hands on experience with the culture here is to allow yourself the experience of the local “hammam”.
A hammam is the public steam room consisting of 3 large wet rooms which increase in temperature.
It embraces the traditional practices of soaping, scrubbing and massaging with Argan oil which is unique to Morocco.

They available to both local and foreign men and women (with each their own entrance and steam rooms) to cleanse the body and mind and as a relaxation and purifying center.

Not to be confused with the Western version of a steam room where the major activity is to sit and take in the vapors;
the hammams are purifying centers where the skin will be steamed, throroughly scrubbed, cleansed and massaged.
For a small sum, you can have someone scrub you down with exfoliation gloves and cover you in a natural mask.
After a visit to the hammam you will have your baby-skin back! Plan your visit at the start of your trip if you plan to build up a tan.

The hammam is only same sex and usually shows nudity; which among the same sex is not seen in a negative light.
Briefs or undies and small tops are permitted but expect to at least see most woman topless or fully uncovered.

Expect to pay around 150 MAD for a full Hammam experience.


Argan MassagesGoat in tree

Massages are done with the unique Moroccan oil gained from the Argan trees, which only exist in Morocco.

The traditional technique for oil extraction is to grind the roasted seeds to paste, with a little water, in a stone rotary quern. The paste is then squeezed by hand in order to extract the oil, which is a most labour-intensive practice.

Argan oil is sold in Morocco as a luxury item, and it used to be difficult to find for sale outside the region of production. The product is of increasing interest to cosmetics companies in Europe. It has become a fashionable product in Europe and North America.
This is no surprise; the oil is perfect for the care of hands, feet, nails, hair and is a great skin-product all over. It even leaves a subtle glare of bronze on your arms and legs after applying.