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» 2 Day Excursion

2 Day Excursion

Combine our 2 most popular excursions into one trip:  Paradise Valley & Essaouira!

Day 1.:
Transportation is arranged. Drive through Banana village and head up into the mountains where you will come across a gorge to start off your hike and enter the beautiful Paradise Valley. Here you will find cool streams and mountain lakes where you can kick off your shoes and cool off. Lunch is being freshly prepared at the Hippie restaurant alongside the river while you enjoy a dip in the spectacular mountain lake.
When ready, later on in the afternoon, the beautiful drive will be continued. Early evening you will enter the walled city of Essaouira.

Be amazed by the magical feel of Essaouira and the Riad, where you’ll stay for the night.






Day 2.:
Explore the charming traditional walled city a

nd let yourself get lost by entering the maze of alleys and streets.  Eat a fantastic fresh fish lunch at the blue & white harbour. All the fish is caught that morning and prepared to your liking. It doesn’t come much fresher than that!
When it’s time you will drive the beautiful 2 hour coastal drive back during sun-set.

The trip includes:Goat in tree

  • Transportation
  • A 1 night stay in Essaouira
  • A guide who will accompany and guide you during the 2 day trip
  • Freshly cooked Moroccan lunch at Paradise Valley, drinks and snacks for during the drives.
  • Plenty of time for a swim, to relax and stroll around the Valley of day 1
  • Plenty of time for a stroll and spree in Essaouira

Total per person: a max. of € 125.00 (min, of 2 people) or less, depending on the group size.
Group rates available on request, please do contact us!