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For those of you who are looking to explore a little further afield then Taghazout Travel can organise a myriad of excursions for your pleasure.

Mixed day trips
As well as one day excursions we can also arrange trips of two to seven days in length, which are also available for larger groups, so let’s take a look at some of them…



Agadir is the largest seaside resort in -and has the premier fishing port of Morocco. Agadir was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 and...

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North of Taghazout, also along the coast, you’ll find the magical walled city, the whitewashed seaside port, of Essasouira. Essaouira. Known as the wind city...

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A trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without time spent in Marrakesh. Marrakesh, one of the busiest cities in Africa, comprises an old fortified city...

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2 Day Excursion

Combine our 2 most popular excursions into one trip:  Paradise Valley & Essaouira! Day 1.: Transportation is arranged. Drive through Banana village and head up into...

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3 Day Triangular trip

3 Day City Trip: Agadir – Marrakesh – Essasouira How to better get a feel of the Moroccan city culture by visiting these 3 very...

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5 day trip

Atlas mountains -Merzouga  - 1 night desert trip to Marrakesh Day one departs Taghazout and heads towards the awe inspiring Atlas mountains. Here you will...

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7 day trip

Atlas Mountains -Merzouga -1 night desert Trip -Marrakesh – Paradise Valley -Essasouira This tour is the same as the 5 day trip except that from...

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